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A healthy lifestyle does not revolve only around food. A healthy lifestyle is the result of continuous learning and adapting oneself to the true needs of the body according to the factors it is exposed to. 

Of the elements that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, one major role is played by sports, in all its forms. The exercises don’t need to be complex, especially in the beginning, but rather to force the body out of its comfort zone. Below are 5 such exercises that will boost both physical and mental health, thus contributing to one’s overall wellbeing:

  1. Jumping

We jump with joy, we experience scare jumps, we jump as part of our physical exercises. It is a very simple repetitive exercise that does not entail any particular efforts, but instead has a great impact on the body.

What can a few minutes of jumps do in one day? Lots! First of all, it increases the serotonin levels in the body, it strengthens ligaments in the legs and supports the correct function of the tendons. So jump, jump, jump! You can choose to either use a jumping rope or do burpees, it’s up to you!

  1. Planking

Or how to make time stand still. You can think of other planking related jokes whilst doing the exercise as you now have all the time in the world. Just remember to breathe properly. The long term benefits are multiple, first of all because it increases stamina and over time you will be able to spend a few good minutes in this position. Did you know that the planking world record is 9 horse, 30 minutes and one second and the person to achieve this is Daniel Scali from Australia? Patience is key. Even if you are not looking to set a new world record, but to beat your own time, it is vital to give yourself time. 

  1. Pushups

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You used to do this in school during gym classes. How do you feel about this becoming part of your morning routine, the very first thing you do in the morning? This exercise helps pump the blood in the body and is a guaranteed dose of energy. Besides, it strengthens the upper body and helps build muscle. What better way to start your morning?

  1. Squats

When executed correctly, the exercise aids the entire body- it increases resistance, it strengthens the muscles, they help support a correct posture, pumps blood and helps shape the body. Want better sleep? This might help.

  1. Walking

Walking is good for the legs. Aside from this, walking improves blood circulation in the body and is highly recommended for those spending lots of time behind the desk. 10 000 steps a day? So simple! Put on your favorite music and take some time for the evening walk. Walking can help you meditate, thus releasing all worries and regrouping with yourself. Pure serotonin!

We will soon come back with more complex exercises that aim for certain objectives. Make sure to follow us in order to learn from fitness experts, but also what foods should one consume in order to achieve your fitness goals.


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